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Reverend Esther Jenkins

I knew from the beginning I was different and that knowledge brought me a great deal of pain. There was no one to share that with, no one who would understand. Nevertheless, the images I saw when I journeyed in my imagination and the creative urges to play out the role of a super hero were so strong that I could not suppress them.

I was Mandrake the Magician, Wonder Woman, Tarzan, Captain Midnight, or The Long Ranger. Most of my super heroes were men because I saw very little evidence for strong women in my family. They seemed to be mostly victims. There was always a strong desire to have power, to be powerful, but not much evidence that I would ever be able to achieve this elusive goal. I wanted to help others take their power, but often it felt like the blind leading the blind.

My journey led me to explore a wide variety of studies: from Remote Healing to Mystical Judaism, from the I Ching to Shamanism. And then a major break through! Working with the concepts of Harold Stones' Voice Dialogue, and doing inner child work, I realized the empowerment I was seeking was ". . .nearer than breathing, closer than hands and feet". It was right inside me! I began to heal and reparent those children and my life changed.

The next step was to break an unspoken taboo, which was, you must never speak of or believe that you are special, that you came here to do something wonderful, that you came with special gifts and abilities to help your friends, family member's, significant others, co-workers etc.

I believe that many of you reading this article are on this same path of healing and empowerment. The School For The Shamanic Arts is dedicated to guiding those souls that are ready for this part of their journey. We can provide a healing model for reparenting the inner children through individual counseling and shamanic work. Those who are ready to explore their unique capacities from past lives as healers, medicine persons, sages, teachers, crystal workers, telepaths, visionaries, etc., let us assist you in bringing this forward into present time and using it to make this a better world.

I look forward to speaking with you and answering any questions you may have regarding The School For The Shamanic Arts.

Rev. Esther Miriam Jenkins,
BA in Education
Minister of Healing
Bachelor of Natural Theology

Reverend Esther Miriam Jenkins

Reverend Esther Miriam Jenkins is a former high school teacher. She began her journey in the late 1950's studying with the late Dr. Wm. V. King. He was a teacher of Eastern and Western Mysteries and a channel for St. Michael. Her work continued when she joined the Healing Light Center Church in 1985. Here she learned Hands-On-Healing with the profound healer and psychic, Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere. She also began studying with Alberto Villoldo, a psychologist and medical anthropologist who studied with the Q'ero Indians of Peru. She traveled to Peru and received sacred Inka initiations with Juan Nunez del Prado and Americo Yabar. Esther has also worked with Jose Luis Herrera, Ruben Orellana,and Jorge Luis Delgado Her mission is to share the knowledge and wisdom she has received from these great teachers as well as the information and enlightenment she receives from her own Guidence.


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Updated: March 2012