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Rev. Rosalba Fontanez

Rev. Rosalba Fontanez is a Vibrational Medicine and Shamanic Energy Practitioner. She has studied Inka Shamanism at the School for the Shamanic Arts in Glendora, CA., and has received the seeds of the Pompamesayoq and Altomesayoq Initiations. Rosalba has apprenticed with Rev. Esther Miriam Jenkins for the past 2 years and will be teaching Andean Shamanism in January 2014. Rosalba specializes in healing the Ancestral Patterns of physical and emotional pain and suffering. This helps clear the emotional blocks and traumatic imprints on our DNA blueprints. The healing takes place at the cellular and energetic levels. She is the originator of “First Aid for the Soul” Shamanic Healing Circles and workshops for healing and transformation. Rosalba facilitates healing gatherings in English and Spanish. Rosalba is available for distant healing, phone, and private sessions. (Skype too) She enthusiastically welcomes those kindred spirits who are committed to healing themselves and others.

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Rev. Rosalba Fontanez
Vibrational Medicine Practitioner

The Four Winds Society
The Four Winds Society is a research and training organization. Our mission is to preserve the techniques of Inka Shamanism and bring them into the 21st Century through classes and in-depth training programs. We offer programs in the Medicine Wheel, Soul retrieval, Energy Medicine, and expeditions to sacred sites in the Amazon and the Andes Mountains of Peru.


Jose Luis Herrera
Jose Luis Herrera has spent the last twenty years exploring and studying the high Mountain, Amazon, and Coastal medicine traditions of his native Peru. He's an accomplished mountain climber, explorer, author, speaker, and naturalist formally trained in Civil Engineering and Computer Sciences. He has studied under the most respected medicine people of Peru and teaches Inka Medicine Traditions across the US and Europe.


Rev. Patricia Bankins
"Ti-emein Speaks" is channeled through Rev. Patricia Bankins. She is a certified crystal healer, color-light therapist and regression-past life therapist. She has studied with Rosalyn Bruyere, Dr. Morris Netherton, Oh-Shanna and Nikki Sculli. For the last ten years she has worked with her Spirit Teachers, Master Ti-emein, the "Keeper of the Jewels", and St. Germaine. She has a healing practice and teaches classes throughout the West Coast with a view towards aiding people in their own transformation and evolution

Jorge Luis Delgado

Born in a small Andean village, Jorge Luis Delgado is an indigenous Peruvian of Aymara heritage. Considered Peru's renowned spiritual tour guide, he has trained with Kallawayas shamans of the northeast Lake Titicaca region; the lineage of the Amautas; the Wise Ones of the Andes; and the Q'ero Elders of the Cusco region, who are considered the last remaining descendants of the Incas.

Author of Andean Awakening, Delgado has been interviewed by journalists worldwide and the BBC featured him in a documentary production of Everyman. He has also represented the Inca Nation when elders of North, Central, and South America have gathered, and is currently organizing his vast collection of antique textiles and artifacts into a museum at Taypikala Hotel, Cusco.

Delgado frequently lectures on his vast knowledge and understanding of Inca wisdom, culture, and traditions and their essence in our lives today, presenting workshops in South America, the United States, and Europe.

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Updated: March 2015