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Chumpi Stone


The Shaman's Lodge
Time: 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Cost: $50.00

Location: Glendora, California.

The Ayllu (community) meets every month and is open to those who have completed the Shamanic Series. The Ayllu is a Mystery School where dedicated and serious students meet to be given various initiations and advanced teachings. The Ayllu last approximately 18 months with breaks in July and August.

Prerequisite - The Shamanism Series

The next Shamanic Series starts in 2017 and the Ayllu will follow.

There will be a new Pompamesayoq Ayllu on June 3, 2017

Feel free to contact Rosalba Fontanez to sign up for these events at: 818-257-0407 or e-mail her at:

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Updated: November 2016